Best of Värmland

The total point toplist in my home region Värmland have changed a lot lately. For a long time our three veterans Spix, miha and Kajowi have been unchallenged in the top but that´s all about to change. A bunch of new hungry turfers is approaching from behind and they will not stop!

Best of Värmland


Last round Jomii placed himself on a 4th placed in the global round toplist and in Värmlands total point list on a fine 7th placed based on that he didn’t qualified to the list the round before. This round he continued his journey to the top passing both Deffler and Karlstads first active turfer ever Kajowi. Deffler also was passed by ABECE and Toms6131 that both continues to reach high points each round. TimB, our Englishman from Deje, lost his place in the top ten but he sure will fight to get right back there. Instead a new turfer from Skoghall took his place, congratulations to fluffen9.

For my own part I took the round quite easy. After passing Spix last round reaching first place I chose to focus on the event in Kalmar were I finished second (again). If Spix doesn’t wake up and start claiming zones like in the old days I feel pretty safe on the throne for the time being.


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