Some tougher zones

Lately in Karlstad we have got some zones of the tougher kind, here is my story about two of them. Most of our zones are placed on the bike lanes so it is nice with some variation.


The first one KarlsMulleOne we received in the end of the last round. It is placed in the forestarea called Sörmon, an area without bike lanes or walking paths. The only road to the area is the highway so that´s the way I took. I went there pretty late and the batteries in my lights were running low so I took off from the highway as soon as possible. When I got off the road I went into an old forestroad that had seen better days (picture to the left below). But further down the road I found a paved road that later on passed to a more muddy road (middle picture below) and finally there was a smaller forest trail (right picture).

Road to KarlsMulleOne

Road to KarlsMulleOne

About 100 meters down the forest trail I had run out off trails and had to leave the bike, luckily I had my running shoes in my backpack and a headlight.

End of trail

Changing shoes

Then the journey into the dark forest begun. On the map it didn’t look very far but the terrain was hard and it took about 30 minutes to reach the zone from were I had to leave my bike. I was happy for the headlight.



The zone KarlsMulleOne

The zone KarlsMulleOne

On the way back I was starting to get even darker and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find my bike. I had a screenshot on the map from where I left it so I went to that area and once again the headlight was very helpful and lighted up the reflexes on the bike.

Bike in the dark

Bike in the dark


An other zone, that was created more recently, is called BergviksUdde. This is a zone that I have suggested myself for about a year ago and is not as much off-road as KarlsMulleOne but still not a place you visit everyday. As usual I still brought my bike to the zone (I don’t own a car so how else is I suppose to get there?) but this zone was certainly not a bikezone either. At the beginning there was a bigger road of gravel but it soon passed to a footbridge that was kind of hard to cycle on. On my way out it went fine and when I got pass it there was a forest trail that I followed until I reached some cliffs that I was unable to climb on the bike, luckily it was just around 50 meters left.


Path to the zone

Bike resting in zone

Bike resting in the zone

View from the zone over Vänern

View from the zone over Vänern

On the way back I wasn’t as lucky as before with the footbridge and got stuck between the boards.

Knock on wood

Knock on wood


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