Well known turfers visiting

During this week we had two famous turfers visiting Karlstad.

At wednesday evening Fredrick, the first bonanza winner and famous for his youtube channel paid a visit on his hunt for the Swedish explorer. He went by car taking some of our more distant zones and then took a walk in our central parts.

Fredrick visiting

Fredrick visiting

His visit also gave me a chance to erase a long lasting zero in my TvT statics.

9 months old zero

9 months old zero

Then, yesterday, KeepOnWalking also turned up. I met her when she was one of the event organizers during this years Bonanza in Stockholm so when she now was visiting Karlstad I took a chance to say hello and talk turf memories. She also brought some of the mobile cases for protection from water that was handed out during the Bonanza. I had  showed my case for some of the turfers in Karlstad and they wanted their own.

Taking waterzones with style

Taking waterzones with style

When she first arrived Karlstads turfers were playing nice and gave her some space but during the afternoon she was surrounded and wasn’t allowed to keep her zones for long.



Thank you both for your visit and welcome back!


One thought on “Well known turfers visiting

  1. Maqqan, Oh you have stolen my New nick – or? Thank you Karlstadturfers for letting me have a nice visit in your hometown :). I will come back to your lovely town. Keeponwalking

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