Best of Värmland – II

New round, let’s see what have happened in the toplist of Värmland.

Round 51

Simpson had a great round when he almost reached the bronze medal but unfortunately Jonac from Västerås was to strong. Nothing to be sorry about as he instead claim a spot in the total points list of Värmland. Fluffen9s time on the list was short as he couldn’t handle Simpsons greed for points and lost his place on the list after just one week in the glory but I have a feeling that we will soon be seeing him again.

Jomii with another great round keep on climbing the list and passes both the veterans xMatte and Miha who have turned more and more inactive lately, hopefully this will trigger there turfing spirit and they will fight back. The question is where we find Jomii for the next round based on his flying start? Also ABECE keeps on climbing the list with continuously good scores, you can always find him in the toplist in Värmland.

Kajowi and Deffler keeps on falling, question is if we will see them on the list at all after next round? Kajowi have been busy supporting Malmö in some other sport called football, hopefully he will find his way back to Turf soon. Deffler seems to be running in a lot of places but without taking zones, I wonder how he does it, time for a new phone?

Spix has finally passed the 3 million limit as second player in Värmland after a couple of rounds just below, congratulations!


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