Unique turfers

Some time ago, in my old blog, I wrote about a different part of the game that the turfer Westeras showed me. Until then I had not given it that much attention to it so my stats was not that great. So I began to focus on extinguish some of the zeros in the TvT statistics on warded and claiming unique turfers whenever I had the chance. Before the summer my statics on warded was as below:

Unique turfers 2014-06-23

Unique turfers 2014-06-23

Since then I have continued my journey claiming unique turfers that have showed up in Karlstad and taken zones from as many turfers as possible during my trips to events. Today my stats have improved with around 200 turfers and the difference between losses and takes looks much better than before.

Unique turfers 2014-10-21

Unique turfers 2014-10-21

Still far from the top lists on warded but indeed improvements, and the hunt continues.

The toplists today on warded:

Players taken 2014-10-21

Players taken zones from the most unique turfers 2014-10-21

Players lost most zones to unique turfers 2014-10-21

Players lost zones to the most unique turfers 2014-10-21


3 thoughts on “Unique turfers

  1. Kan du förklara skillnaden mellan “Players taken zones form toplist” och “Players lost zones to toplist”? Jag har aldrig förstått vad de två betyder.

    • Taken zones from är de turfare som har tagit från flest unika turfare och lost zones to är motsatsen.

      Om vi tar embeoo som exempel så har han tagit zoner från 2505 olika turfare och förlorat zoner till 1599 olika turfare.

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