Take 20 000

It have taken me a long time, too long, but today I received it!

When I took my silver medal for about 1 year ago I made 3 662 takes, since that day I have managed around 6 000 takes so I would really say that I have kept my promise to calm myself down.

For the medal itself I was aiming to be the first one in my home region Värmland to receive it. ABECE, one of the “younglings” in Karlstad was closing in on me so I had his account under supervision and when he was closing in on me last week I decided to speed things up and began to once again take the morning tours that I took under my silver round. But it was already too late…

Another “youngling” named Simpson had already passed me. I had my eyes fixed on ABECE and didn’t realize that Simpson had a higher pace. I met ABECE last week and he then informed me about Simpsons progress, at that point I had 400 takes to go and he had 10.

Too bad but now I have accepted that I’m not the worst maniac in Värmland and in a few rounds I belive that ABECE also will get pass me in the total points list, he is about 300 000 points behind me today. Then I can put the most of my focus on the Crew work and other turf related activities.

Also I discovered a smaller bug in the Supporter application If the message would had explained that I had received THE Medal instead of the medal I would have been even more satisfied.


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