Crew meeting

This weekend the Turf Crew had a gathering for the second time ever. The event, of course, was the release of Turf 1.0 for android. It was really nice to see everybody, I have meet each of the ones that was present in the past on some events or out in the field but it is always fun to meet them all at once in real life and not only through our normal channels.

DrassenDrassen was the chairperson and had a power point presentation with some history. One fun fact was that Android version 0.9 was released back in 2012. Then Drassen and Simpan thought that version 1.0 would come up soon after but it took 3 years before they was satisfied.



SunYour and Simpan, the masterminds behind the programming.

Simpan                  SunYour


DSC_0206      Eddyueue, the master of Stats (ceo of Warded)

Crew, Spix in the front giving his biggest smile! Other people in this picture is Byggaren, Drassen, StarDust, Dacop, Eddyueue, MasterOfTurf, Velocipedrytta.
Crew with Spix

Crew, only picture with my self in it, also SunYour, Eddyueue, Byggaren, StarDust, Dacop, MasterOfTurf, Embeoo, Velocipedrytta, Spix and Moskeroll.

For the first time ever it was 100% attendance in the Crew Meeting, the ones that couldn’t attend physically was there mentally and was very silent except Jojje who shouted “BMW” or “Bil” every once and then.

Crew on the wayLooked kind of an ongoing event when we took the town.

Unique zones

Beside the meeting I managed to grab some unique zones. From my earlier visits with friends and family, most of the innertown had been finalized so this time I took a longer tour around Djurgården and Kungsholmen. Kungsholmen was very impassable and the peak of it was when I tried to reach Atterzone by bike after I took Tunneltaket (wrong aproach). Djurgården was nicer to cycle around but unfortuanetly the view over the archipelago left a lot to be desired..

View from RosasBrygga

View from RosasBrygga


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