Unique turfer ratio

I have realized that there is no chance for me, or someone else outside the larger cities, to get a spot on the toplist of unique turfers on warded. Instead I’m trying to hold an good ratio as possible and compare it to others.

So what is the ratio? It is actually something that the turfer DaddyKing in Karlstad came up with, you take the amount of turfers that you have taken zones from and divide it by the amount of turfers who have taken zones from you.


It is harder to keep a good ratio than just increase the amount of players you have taken from since you have to look out for losing your zones to players as well. Best chance to approve this number is to be active and hunt for unique turfers on the last days of the round and not to hunt for yellow ones.

My stats today is:
You have taken zones from 1365 different turfers.
1141 different turfers have taken zones from you.
Which ends up in the ratio 1.196… (4 digits should do it).

For fun I have compared my stats with the ones who have reached a spot on both lists on warded. I have also included the ones that have given my their ratio in the past.


Ratio chart

No changes in the top, bubblan and embeoo are the giants in this category but behind hem it is very even.

What is your ratio? Please write a comment if you want me to include you.


6 thoughts on “Unique turfer ratio

  1. Min ratio står ju, nästan bättre med den här ordningen så verkar bubblan lite mer skadad än mig 😉
    Jag har som wheelstream noterat differensen, inte ration men det är ju i princip samma mått. Men jag har heller aldrig egentligen brytt mig om loss-sidan eller tvt-diffen, efter en tagen unik så är den helt ointressant och jag skulle aldrig göra något för att försöka minska exponeringen. Alla har sina varianter, igår hörde om en ny, att försöka hålla tvt-listan utan hål. Dvs unikjakt, men bara på de som unikat dig.

  2. I guess embeoo and bubblan collect unique turfers more often than the last day of every round. Still they have higher ratio that most, as it seems.
    Probably no turfer finds it thrilling enough going out only once a month.

    I have 1.3002 to be more exact 🙂

  3. 1629/1333=1,222 is my ratio. I have been looking at unique turfers for approx 18 month. Then I was down by 15 turfers (i.e. a ratio below zero). I have not calculated the ratio, rather the difference which now is close to +300. Another goal is 2500 unique z and the ambition for that medal could destroy my ratio. After I have reached that medal I will focus on this ratio.
    /Wheelstream, Mats Hjulström

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