Turf commuting

Time for an update I guess…. more then a years since last time. My roles in Turf Crew takes all the Turf energy leaving nothing to the blog.

Been commuting between Karlstad and Kristinehamn for about 2 years now. Mostly by train and occasually by bus, the comfort and time gain in taking the train is sufficient. The warded take map really starts to show whitch zones along the track are easy to take:

Had a really good run last week, the 8 first takes in this session was claimed from the train:


Many of you may have noticed that a number of station zones been modified recently to cover the tracks, there goes the challange of armpit turfing. You may not belive me but I was one of the crew members who was against this kind of placement. I belive many of these zones was better placed on a square likely area near the train station then on the tracks. But it’s not my decision to take. Now we can only see what will happen next with these zone changes, a new medal perhaps?

My time as a commuter will soon come to an end. I have ordered a new car which will be delivered v51 so after that my follow Turfers in VĂ€rmland will be able to keep their zones near the track a bit longer 🙂 Instead the car turfer friendly zones like Simpsons winner zones will be more active.


Correction and summation


Someone with a sharp I and similar interest for statistics as me noted that the takes per week table was incorrect, at least the order of the players. The correct tables looks as below and I find it really interesting to see that Recycling, Loaf and Pedlan can be found that high, gives a different perspective on their efforts.

Points per week

Takes per week


Now with some distance and some bitterness out of my mind I must say I’m pleased with last round and the result, regardless what you read in my last post.

A player in Karlstad told me that I should learn “humility and compassion” by cycling as much as Simpson did so I guess I have learned it by now since I cycled more than him? And I didn’t ask for any help from other players to reach the top, I did that last time and I have regretted it ever since, now I have a silver medal that is my own. After some groundwork outside of Karlstad I received greed 250 during last week of the round which was another personal goal for this round and I passed take 25 000 as expected. I was level 48 when I started this round, now I’m level 49, to reach level 50 I had to break the million and I felt I didn’t had time for that when working full time.

Super Expandator


There it is! Finaly I’m the first turfer ever with all the expandator medals. I have had it as a secret goal for some time but last month turf24.se discovered that I was close and from that point everyone knew it, typically.

Anyway, today I claimed the last medal Wiki Expandator after making over 500 small and large edits on the Turfwiki and the Turfcrew was fast to respond.

So what happens now? Time to rest? No, no, time to focus on the event planning for next year! If you are interested in visiting Karlstad you can book the 18th of april 2015 right away, more information to come.

Turf Preacher

Turf Preacher blev nivÄn som jag Àntligen klev ut ur Spix skugga pÄ. Trots att jag har lyckats ta ett omgÄngssilver och pÄ mÄnga sÀtt kört hÄrdare Àn Spix sÄ har jag aldrig fÄtt vara första vÀrmlÀnning till en level men nu var det Àntligen dags!

Före och efter HagaslussenMin totalpoÀng före och efter Hagaslussen

Det tog mig cirka 14 omgÄngar att nÄ hit och nu börjar kampen med att behÄlla ledningen, har lite marginal nerÄt i vÀrmlands topplista men mÄnga Àr det som Àr pÄ vÀg uppÄt.

Turf Preacher