Thank you Peek

Some time ago I read about a button that Peak had discovered, link to post here (Swedish).

Yesterday on my way home from work I couldn’t find any unique turfers close by so I decided to try Peaks button. After some searching I found it, clicked it, and suddenly my road were highlighted!

After a few zones Spix woke up and started accusing me for attacking him? Talk about being paranoid. I was just following the way the application showed me.

The road was a bit longer than my usual but I think I will try it again sometime.


Unique turfing

Lately my main focus have been visiting unique zones and take zones from unique turfers. While unique zones is quite easy and you can see in the the application which ones are unique it is quite challenging to chase unique turfers.

The receptionists at my work have become used to my short breaks when I take the zone just outside my work everytime a unique turfer shows up but the best zone in Karlstad for unique turfers are the one on the main square. I often adjust my coffee breaks and lunches to take a short bike tour to the square. But owning the zone at the square is also quite risky in the chase for good statistics because I often loose the zone to another unique turfer.

Today after the SKL Cykelconference, that I participated in and spread information regarding Turf I took zones from all the new turfers that I recruited (of course), I finaly got a four digits number:

Still a long way from the toplist at warded where Mobius holds the 10th place with 1672 unique turfers but I’m on my way!

Unique zones then? Last round I visited Borlänge again, about a year since my last visit. And took my unique zone number 1500 which was a personal milestone to the big goal 2500. Borlänge is a hard city to turf in according to me with paths that is hard to find and a city structure that is not my cup of turf. It was nice to see Dekatomas again which I met last time, at that time he was a beginner and we had a talk and I gave him some tips (I think). Today he have passed my on every level!

Today after a visit in Helsinki last weekend my number is 1560 so the journey continues.

Take 20 000

It have taken me a long time, too long, but today I received it!

When I took my silver medal for about 1 year ago I made 3 662 takes, since that day I have managed around 6 000 takes so I would really say that I have kept my promise to calm myself down.

For the medal itself I was aiming to be the first one in my home region Värmland to receive it. ABECE, one of the “younglings” in Karlstad was closing in on me so I had his account under supervision and when he was closing in on me last week I decided to speed things up and began to once again take the morning tours that I took under my silver round. But it was already too late…

Another “youngling” named Simpson had already passed me. I had my eyes fixed on ABECE and didn’t realize that Simpson had a higher pace. I met ABECE last week and he then informed me about Simpsons progress, at that point I had 400 takes to go and he had 10.

Too bad but now I have accepted that I’m not the worst maniac in Värmland and in a few rounds I belive that ABECE also will get pass me in the total points list, he is about 300 000 points behind me today. Then I can put the most of my focus on the Crew work and other turf related activities.

Also I discovered a smaller bug in the Supporter application If the message would had explained that I had received THE Medal instead of the medal I would have been even more satisfied.

Becoming a zonemaker

As you may have noticed, this blog have been pretty inactive lately. This is partly because I’m the project leader for the upcoming event Värmlandsturfen 2015. You can read more about this at



Apart from that I have also become a zonemaker in the Turf Crew. This summer I received some encouraging feedback by well known players on my zone suggestions in the forum and the issues I wrote after visiting some regions in Sweden. I was asked if I was interested to become a zonemaker but declined, but after have giving it some additional thoughts I accepted the challange.

I sent in my application in the middle of January and was soon assigned to my Newbie assignments in Skåne and the Netherlands. When becoming a zonemaker you are given an certain amount of zones to place in specific citys, in my case the citys was Ängelholm in Skåne and Harderwijk in the region Gelderland in the Netherlands.

If you check out Harderwijk, all the ten zones in the city was created by me. It was quite challenging to create zones in a city without zones. No feedback from existing players and no suggestions in the map. I looked at pictures taken by tourists who had visited the town, read some local tourist informations and looked at the street view to find nice places. After some feedback from my “parents” (in Turf Crew) I found some nice places and I would really like to visit Harderwijk sometime in the future to check them out!

In Ängelholm, I first placed all the zones I was asked to place in the forest west of the town towards the water. I soon received clear directives from my “parents” that the task was to densify the city and not to expand it. Despite this they accepted the water zone I created with the motivation that a city near the coast should have a water zone. The zones in Ängelholm that was my first real zones (given the zones in the Netherlands have not yet been taken) are:


When my “parents” accepted my changes I was approved as a zonemaker! My first real assignment was the calm and relaxed region of Västmanland, feels great with a easy start!

So what now?

I will not write anything in this blog about my work in my regions of responsibility, some things should stay behind closed doors, but I will probably write some other posts regarding my work as a zonemaker sometime in the future. I thought it could be interesting for the normal players to read a blog from a active zonemaker, probably my “parents” (yes I still call them that) will give me some inputs of what is okay to write or not also but I belive that my own judgement is fine.

200 sessions

Have you seen the event by the turfer Velocipedrytta that challenge you to do at least 200 sessions between the 12th of Januari and the 19th of June? Awesome initiative according to me! I have received some other invitations on facebook about drinking 100 beers before midsummer and similar events but this is the one I sure will participate in, will you?

So far I have accomplished 12 sessions and is ahead the schedule but if I know my self right, it will catch up. I will create some fun graphs with my results but haven’t decided what kinds of graphs yet, you can see my progress here: Progress sheet. 

Slippery road, time for skates?

Last couple of days turfing in Karlstad have been a real challenge with really icy roads. I have fallen to the ground a couple of times but still haven’t hurt myself *touch wood*.

However the changing climate have given some nice views over Karlstad also, a good way to keep up the spirit and get yourself out there is to explore the nature and its phenomena.

View close to Mariebergvik towards OrrholmsZone

Go West

During the christmas holidays I had some spare time when my girlfriend was in Kristinehamn with her parents. As a dedicated Turfer I saw this as a chance to finally put out some of my red dots in the map “Never taken zones in my region” which you can find on Warded. I usually never visit the cities in Värmlands western corners so I need to make these dedicated trips more often.

The 22nd of December I had 90 zones that I have never visited in my region, today the number has decreased to 86 zones after taking 32 never taken zones… Get the math? No? Santa decided to bring a christmas present with a bunch of new zones the day after my tour….

Anyway, it was a nice tour and here are some pictures from it.


The first town to visit was Säffle, I brought my city bike and the intention was to park in center of the town and the cycle to the zones in the city. It worked fine until the bottom bracket decided to brake down.. from that moment it was carturfing. Not a favorite of mine and very time consuming.

View from the neighborhood of GåPåVatten

View from the zone GåPåVatten

The zone OldWaterS

And here at the top of the climb, almost inside the zone OldWaterS my bicycle broke apart. At this time I had visited all the zones east of OldWaterS but from there the car was my veicel, my first thought was to run but I don’t think I would have the time to visit all the towns I had planed in that case.

End of the fun


After a small detour pass the zone FleetwoodZone in Svanskog the next stop was Årjäng, a town mostly known for the troll and for their summer camp, both of them have zones of course.


Looks kind of sad due to the horns

Elk at the entry to Årjäng camp

Elk close to the zone ÅrjängCamp


Töcksfors became the last town to visit on this trip, my initial plan was to travel from here to Charlottenberg and then take Arvika on my way home but turfing with the car takes a lot of more time than with the bike so at the time I arrived to Töcksfors the sun was already gone there and I decided to turn back home.

View over the docks at Töckcamp

Felt a bit unsafe to walk on the pier due to all the ice and snow. Also while walking the bridges begun to move and the ice burst in some places, kind of frightening in the dark.

View from Töckscamp

Next time a will bring my cyclocross instead and hopefully have the time to visit som more towns.

Order of medals

I noticed a time ago that the order of my medals was rearranged from one day to another, first I thought it was annoying because I wanted my silver medals to be seen in the toplist but now when there are medals on top of them it doesn’t matter.

A few days ago the medal order changed again to the most logical order, chronological. For fun I took some screenshots cause I realized that they would soon change again, and today the order is back to the “other” order once again.

Here is my screens from the chronological order:


Chronological order, farthest left, middle and furthest right

And here is the sceens I took today of the “other” order:

The other order, farthest left, middle and furthest right

The other order, farthest left, middle and furthest right

As you can see it seems as a page break was included 2014-03-05 when I took the broadcast expandator. I have never seen a third order, it is always these two that is shuffling so there must be something that have decided that this is the order from time to time. And when the “other” order is current the new medals I receive is placed beneath my greed-200 medal. The first time my medals was placed in this order was after I took the bonanza silver medal so all the medals that I have received after that have been placed beneath the greed-200 and hasn’t been put furthest to the right.

Most of the time the “other” order is current so the dawn ninja is always showing in the toplist even if I receive new medals.

Chronological order showing to the left and the "other" order to the right

Chronological order showing to the left and the “other” order to the right

Anyone else who has experienced this at their profile?