200 sessions

Have you seen the event by the turfer Velocipedrytta that challenge you to do at least 200 sessions between the 12th of Januari and the 19th of June? Awesome initiative according to me! I have received some other invitations on facebook about drinking 100 beers before midsummer and similar events but this is the one I sure will participate in, will you?

So far I have accomplished 12 sessions and is ahead the schedule but if I know my self right, it will catch up. I will create some fun graphs with my results but haven’t decided what kinds of graphs yet, you can see my progress here: Progress sheet. 

Slippery road, time for skates?

Last couple of days turfing in Karlstad have been a real challenge with really icy roads. I have fallen to the ground a couple of times but still haven’t hurt myself *touch wood*.

However the changing climate have given some nice views over Karlstad also, a good way to keep up the spirit and get yourself out there is to explore the nature and its phenomena.

View close to Mariebergvik towards OrrholmsZone