Correction and summation


Someone with a sharp I and similar interest for statistics as me noted that the takes per week table was incorrect, at least the order of the players. The correct tables looks as below and I find it really interesting to see that Recycling, Loaf and Pedlan can be found that high, gives a different perspective on their efforts.

Points per week

Takes per week


Now with some distance and some bitterness out of my mind I must say I’m pleased with last round and the result, regardless what you read in my last post.

A player in Karlstad told me that I should learn “humility and compassion” by cycling as much as Simpson did so I guess I have learned it by now since I cycled more than him? And I didn’t ask for any help from other players to reach the top, I did that last time and I have regretted it ever since, now I have a silver medal that is my own. After some groundwork outside of Karlstad I received greed 250 during last week of the round which was another personal goal for this round and I passed take 25 000 as expected. I was level 48 when I started this round, now I’m level 49, to reach level 50 I had to break the million and I felt I didn’t had time for that when working full time.


“Ja’ ä inte bitter”

Sorry for the Swedish header, translated it say “I’m not bitter” in an ironic meaning. I will also start this post with apologizing to anybody who might be offended by this post, most of it is written in an ironic way.

Round 60

This was the round which I had focused on for quite some time, it was the round I would go all in because the round after I would leave Karlstad for Kristinehamn. I did go all in but somebody else did it even more, congratulations Plux.

So lets take it from the beginning. In my old blog (Link) I told you the story about my first second place and that I probably never would go for it again, oops! But when I signed the contract for our new house in Kristinehamn I told my girlfriend that I would like to try one more time before because I will not have the time to do it the same way when owning a house and maybe raise a family.

In the start of the round I mounted thinner tires on my 29″ mountainbike because my cyclocross was in need of a bigger service and the service time was on Monday. As usual the activity in Karlstad was high during round start but I succeeded with my tactic to start in the central areas and work my way out. After the first two hours I was in top 10 in the world and TBIT was surprisingly number 1. Later on he ran out of zones and I could pass him but Pobe was even faster than me and was number 1 after the first day. On Monday I took a day off from my work and I was able to take over the lead. I had it for some days until Plux passed me in the same pace that Hvalle had the round before.

My cyclocross then? I went to the bicycle repair shop early Monday morning only to discover that the frame had cracked.

cracked frame

I asked the store which I had bought it from if I could buy a new frame but for this certain model I couldn’t. At this time I thought of giving up the hunt for medals. But with this start and the knowing that this was kind of my last chance i continued with my mountainbike.


Different preconditions

After a week it stood clear to me that Plux would be a very hard competitive this round. We were close after the first week with me around 271 000 points and Plux with about 10 000 points more. But the following week Plux had over 1000 pph for about 4-5 days in a row and it was really frustrating knowing that I took more zones than him(?) every day but still he pulled away from me. I even read in Södermanlands facebook group that other players in Eskilstuna was afraid to go out and take his zones while the activity in Karlstad was as usual. On sunday the 21 of June I was out all day and took 295 zones while Plux ended up on 168 takes the same day, even then i pulled away and increased his lead with some points from the first day to the next thanks to his never ending stack of zones.

Again, “Ja’ ä inte bitter”.

I began to accept the fact that I could forget the gold medal and I began to think if I would let Björke pass me in order to add a bronze medal to my collection since I already had a silver medal. But the gap to the fourth placer Svenolov at this time was to small for me to risk it so I decided to go for the silver medal. Thunell told me that I wasn’t aloud to let go of a silver medal if I hadn’t more silver medals then him, thank you for the kick.

So this round ended with another silver medal, my third if you count the bonanza silver. When the round was finished I had about 600 more takes than Plux but still I was over 200 000 points behind….

You know the quote.


I like numbers and for fun I did some comparison with Simpson who took the silver medal the round before. His result was 1 048 214 points which was a bit higher than me but he also had a week more to work with than me. Divided with the amount of weeks we had he still wins on points with 209 643 points per week compared to my 200 744 points per week but looking at the number of takes I win with 1251 takes per week compared to Simpsons 1113 takes per week. This is of course without counting the others factors such as the weather etc, it rained a lot during round 59 (Simpsons round) which probably affected both the numbers.

For my own fun I compared my numbers with the top 10 round points at warded, again this is without counting other factors as weather, number of zones in the city, urban terrain, asking other player for help, etc.

Points per week

Takes per week

Maybe this statistics would be interesting for warded also? Taking a way the advantage of having a week more gives a more appropriate comparison between the players efforts. At least it makes me more satisfied with my second (or third) second place.

Ending this post in the same was as we started, “Ja’ ä inte bitter”.

Order of medals

I noticed a time ago that the order of my medals was rearranged from one day to another, first I thought it was annoying because I wanted my silver medals to be seen in the toplist but now when there are medals on top of them it doesn’t matter.

A few days ago the medal order changed again to the most logical order, chronological. For fun I took some screenshots cause I realized that they would soon change again, and today the order is back to the “other” order once again.

Here is my screens from the chronological order:


Chronological order, farthest left, middle and furthest right

And here is the sceens I took today of the “other” order:

The other order, farthest left, middle and furthest right

The other order, farthest left, middle and furthest right

As you can see it seems as a page break was included 2014-03-05 when I took the broadcast expandator. I have never seen a third order, it is always these two that is shuffling so there must be something that have decided that this is the order from time to time. And when the “other” order is current the new medals I receive is placed beneath my greed-200 medal. The first time my medals was placed in this order was after I took the bonanza silver medal so all the medals that I have received after that have been placed beneath the greed-200 and hasn’t been put furthest to the right.

Most of the time the “other” order is current so the dawn ninja is always showing in the toplist even if I receive new medals.

Chronological order showing to the left and the "other" order to the right

Chronological order showing to the left and the “other” order to the right

Anyone else who has experienced this at their profile?

Super Expandator


There it is! Finaly I’m the first turfer ever with all the expandator medals. I have had it as a secret goal for some time but last month discovered that I was close and from that point everyone knew it, typically.

Anyway, today I claimed the last medal Wiki Expandator after making over 500 small and large edits on the Turfwiki and the Turfcrew was fast to respond.

So what happens now? Time to rest? No, no, time to focus on the event planning for next year! If you are interested in visiting Karlstad you can book the 18th of april 2015 right away, more information to come.

Turf Preacher

Turf Preacher blev nivån som jag äntligen klev ut ur Spix skugga på. Trots att jag har lyckats ta ett omgångssilver och på många sätt kört hårdare än Spix så har jag aldrig fått vara första värmlänning till en level men nu var det äntligen dags!

Före och efter HagaslussenMin totalpoäng före och efter Hagaslussen

Det tog mig cirka 14 omgångar att nå hit och nu börjar kampen med att behålla ledningen, har lite marginal neråt i värmlands topplista men många är det som är på väg uppåt.

Turf Preacher



Jag hade tidigare en blogg hos men RSS-flödet på Turfs hemsidan gillade visst inte den eftersom inget av mina inlägg visades, skapade därför denna blogg för att få några läsare.

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