Visiting Lithuania

Recently, my work took me to Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Beside some conferences on Friday we had all saturday for our self, which for me meant time to take zones.

The city it self was a beautiful city that you visit if you’re interested in beautiful old buildings in baroque style and cheap beer. If you want to experience the food this is not the right city to visit. We visited three different restaurants during this weekend and non of the places was very special, I believe I could find the same food back in Karlstad.

Nearby pub with nice beer


The first zone I visited was Katedros. Our hotel Artis was placed just two blocks away so I went there the first night we arrived, after a visit to the pub of course. The zone was placed on the big square next to Vilnius Cathedral, a very nice place for a zone. Behind the Cathedral the royal palace in Vilnius was placed and behind that the Upper castle, so many beautiful places to visit around the zone.


Vilnius Cathedral, picture taken from the zone Katedros

The royal castle

Upper castle



The other zone, LukiškiųPlaza, was placed about 1 kilometer from our hotel. At the time of our visit the main street, Gedimino Prospektas, was turned into a market place with local dealers so it was a very pleasant walk. This zone was placed in a big park with nice view over a nearby church but I think that it was the park itself that was in focus for the zone. In the neighborhood we could also find the famous KGB museum, that I can recommend, the old prison was preserved well.


Churchview from the zone LukiškiųPlaza

Not much but some points at least

Uniforms in the museum

Exercise yard

The room of death

Cruel cell, the prisoner was supposed to balance on the middle pedestal surrounded by water.

If you’re interested in a visit you can check out some other pictures by this link: