“Ja’ ä inte bitter”

Sorry for the Swedish header, translated it say “I’m not bitter” in an ironic meaning. I will also start this post with apologizing to anybody who might be offended by this post, most of it is written in an ironic way.

Round 60

This was the round which I had focused on for quite some time, it was the round I would go all in because the round after I would leave Karlstad for Kristinehamn. I did go all in but somebody else did it even more, congratulations Plux.

So lets take it from the beginning. In my old blog (Link) I told you the story about my first second place and that I probably never would go for it again, oops! But when I signed the contract for our new house in Kristinehamn I told my girlfriend that I would like to try one more time before because I will not have the time to do it the same way when owning a house and maybe raise a family.

In the start of the round I mounted thinner tires on my 29″ mountainbike because my cyclocross was in need of a bigger service and the service time was on Monday. As usual the activity in Karlstad was high during round start but I succeeded with my tactic to start in the central areas and work my way out. After the first two hours I was in top 10 in the world and TBIT was surprisingly number 1. Later on he ran out of zones and I could pass him but Pobe was even faster than me and was number 1 after the first day. On Monday I took a day off from my work and I was able to take over the lead. I had it for some days until Plux passed me in the same pace that Hvalle had the round before.

My cyclocross then? I went to the bicycle repair shop early Monday morning only to discover that the frame had cracked.

cracked frame

I asked the store which I had bought it from if I could buy a new frame but for this certain model I couldn’t. At this time I thought of giving up the hunt for medals. But with this start and the knowing that this was kind of my last chance i continued with my mountainbike.


Different preconditions

After a week it stood clear to me that Plux would be a very hard competitive this round. We were close after the first week with me around 271 000 points and Plux with about 10 000 points more. But the following week Plux had over 1000 pph for about 4-5 days in a row and it was really frustrating knowing that I took more zones than him(?) every day but still he pulled away from me. I even read in Södermanlands facebook group that other players in Eskilstuna was afraid to go out and take his zones while the activity in Karlstad was as usual. On sunday the 21 of June I was out all day and took 295 zones while Plux ended up on 168 takes the same day, even then i pulled away and increased his lead with some points from the first day to the next thanks to his never ending stack of zones.

Again, “Ja’ ä inte bitter”.

I began to accept the fact that I could forget the gold medal and I began to think if I would let Björke pass me in order to add a bronze medal to my collection since I already had a silver medal. But the gap to the fourth placer Svenolov at this time was to small for me to risk it so I decided to go for the silver medal. Thunell told me that I wasn’t aloud to let go of a silver medal if I hadn’t more silver medals then him, thank you for the kick.

So this round ended with another silver medal, my third if you count the bonanza silver. When the round was finished I had about 600 more takes than Plux but still I was over 200 000 points behind….

You know the quote.


I like numbers and for fun I did some comparison with Simpson who took the silver medal the round before. His result was 1 048 214 points which was a bit higher than me but he also had a week more to work with than me. Divided with the amount of weeks we had he still wins on points with 209 643 points per week compared to my 200 744 points per week but looking at the number of takes I win with 1251 takes per week compared to Simpsons 1113 takes per week. This is of course without counting the others factors such as the weather etc, it rained a lot during round 59 (Simpsons round) which probably affected both the numbers.

For my own fun I compared my numbers with the top 10 round points at warded, again this is without counting other factors as weather, number of zones in the city, urban terrain, asking other player for help, etc.

Points per week

Takes per week

Maybe this statistics would be interesting for warded also? Taking a way the advantage of having a week more gives a more appropriate comparison between the players efforts. At least it makes me more satisfied with my second (or third) second place.

Ending this post in the same was as we started, “Ja’ ä inte bitter”.


Take 20 000

It have taken me a long time, too long, but today I received it!

When I took my silver medal for about 1 year ago I made 3 662 takes, since that day I have managed around 6 000 takes so I would really say that I have kept my promise to calm myself down.

For the medal itself I was aiming to be the first one in my home region Värmland to receive it. ABECE, one of the “younglings” in Karlstad was closing in on me so I had his account under supervision and when he was closing in on me last week I decided to speed things up and began to once again take the morning tours that I took under my silver round. But it was already too late…

Another “youngling” named Simpson had already passed me. I had my eyes fixed on ABECE and didn’t realize that Simpson had a higher pace. I met ABECE last week and he then informed me about Simpsons progress, at that point I had 400 takes to go and he had 10.

Too bad but now I have accepted that I’m not the worst maniac in Värmland and in a few rounds I belive that ABECE also will get pass me in the total points list, he is about 300 000 points behind me today. Then I can put the most of my focus on the Crew work and other turf related activities.

Also I discovered a smaller bug in the Supporter application If the message would had explained that I had received THE Medal instead of the medal I would have been even more satisfied.

Go West

During the christmas holidays I had some spare time when my girlfriend was in Kristinehamn with her parents. As a dedicated Turfer I saw this as a chance to finally put out some of my red dots in the map “Never taken zones in my region” which you can find on Warded. I usually never visit the cities in Värmlands western corners so I need to make these dedicated trips more often.

The 22nd of December I had 90 zones that I have never visited in my region, today the number has decreased to 86 zones after taking 32 never taken zones… Get the math? No? Santa decided to bring a christmas present with a bunch of new zones the day after my tour….

Anyway, it was a nice tour and here are some pictures from it.


The first town to visit was Säffle, I brought my city bike and the intention was to park in center of the town and the cycle to the zones in the city. It worked fine until the bottom bracket decided to brake down.. from that moment it was carturfing. Not a favorite of mine and very time consuming.

View from the neighborhood of GåPåVatten

View from the zone GåPåVatten

The zone OldWaterS

And here at the top of the climb, almost inside the zone OldWaterS my bicycle broke apart. At this time I had visited all the zones east of OldWaterS but from there the car was my veicel, my first thought was to run but I don’t think I would have the time to visit all the towns I had planed in that case.

End of the fun


After a small detour pass the zone FleetwoodZone in Svanskog the next stop was Årjäng, a town mostly known for the troll and for their summer camp, both of them have zones of course.


Looks kind of sad due to the horns

Elk at the entry to Årjäng camp

Elk close to the zone ÅrjängCamp


Töcksfors became the last town to visit on this trip, my initial plan was to travel from here to Charlottenberg and then take Arvika on my way home but turfing with the car takes a lot of more time than with the bike so at the time I arrived to Töcksfors the sun was already gone there and I decided to turn back home.

View over the docks at Töckcamp

Felt a bit unsafe to walk on the pier due to all the ice and snow. Also while walking the bridges begun to move and the ice burst in some places, kind of frightening in the dark.

View from Töckscamp

Next time a will bring my cyclocross instead and hopefully have the time to visit som more towns.

Turf Karlstad

This summer we started the association Turf Karlstad. The association is to organize events and meetups for all the turfers in the world with focus on Värmland. We are planning to organize a bigger event in the beginning of next year but information about that will be coming later.

Check out our new website that is still under progress: http://turfkarlstad.se/

For now we are inviting you to a closed event in Karlstad the 9th of november 2014, the event will start 14:00 and the time for the event is 2 hours. Meeting place is next to the parking lot outside of KMTI (Link), changing rooms, showers and lockers are available. See more information on the webpage (Swedish, if you´re interested in an translation, please leave a comment).

Best of Värmland – II

New round, let’s see what have happened in the toplist of Värmland.

Round 51

Simpson had a great round when he almost reached the bronze medal but unfortunately Jonac from Västerås was to strong. Nothing to be sorry about as he instead claim a spot in the total points list of Värmland. Fluffen9s time on the list was short as he couldn’t handle Simpsons greed for points and lost his place on the list after just one week in the glory but I have a feeling that we will soon be seeing him again.

Jomii with another great round keep on climbing the list and passes both the veterans xMatte and Miha who have turned more and more inactive lately, hopefully this will trigger there turfing spirit and they will fight back. The question is where we find Jomii for the next round based on his flying start? Also ABECE keeps on climbing the list with continuously good scores, you can always find him in the toplist in Värmland.

Kajowi and Deffler keeps on falling, question is if we will see them on the list at all after next round? Kajowi have been busy supporting Malmö in some other sport called football, hopefully he will find his way back to Turf soon. Deffler seems to be running in a lot of places but without taking zones, I wonder how he does it, time for a new phone?

Spix has finally passed the 3 million limit as second player in Värmland after a couple of rounds just below, congratulations!

Best of Värmland

The total point toplist in my home region Värmland have changed a lot lately. For a long time our three veterans Spix, miha and Kajowi have been unchallenged in the top but that´s all about to change. A bunch of new hungry turfers is approaching from behind and they will not stop!

Best of Värmland


Last round Jomii placed himself on a 4th placed in the global round toplist and in Värmlands total point list on a fine 7th placed based on that he didn’t qualified to the list the round before. This round he continued his journey to the top passing both Deffler and Karlstads first active turfer ever Kajowi. Deffler also was passed by ABECE and Toms6131 that both continues to reach high points each round. TimB, our Englishman from Deje, lost his place in the top ten but he sure will fight to get right back there. Instead a new turfer from Skoghall took his place, congratulations to fluffen9.

For my own part I took the round quite easy. After passing Spix last round reaching first place I chose to focus on the event in Kalmar were I finished second (again). If Spix doesn’t wake up and start claiming zones like in the old days I feel pretty safe on the throne for the time being.