Becoming a zonemaker

As you may have noticed, this blog have been pretty inactive lately. This is partly because I’m the project leader for the upcoming event Värmlandsturfen 2015. You can read more about this at



Apart from that I have also become a zonemaker in the Turf Crew. This summer I received some encouraging feedback by well known players on my zone suggestions in the forum and the issues I wrote after visiting some regions in Sweden. I was asked if I was interested to become a zonemaker but declined, but after have giving it some additional thoughts I accepted the challange.

I sent in my application in the middle of January and was soon assigned to my Newbie assignments in Skåne and the Netherlands. When becoming a zonemaker you are given an certain amount of zones to place in specific citys, in my case the citys was Ängelholm in Skåne and Harderwijk in the region Gelderland in the Netherlands.

If you check out Harderwijk, all the ten zones in the city was created by me. It was quite challenging to create zones in a city without zones. No feedback from existing players and no suggestions in the map. I looked at pictures taken by tourists who had visited the town, read some local tourist informations and looked at the street view to find nice places. After some feedback from my “parents” (in Turf Crew) I found some nice places and I would really like to visit Harderwijk sometime in the future to check them out!

In Ängelholm, I first placed all the zones I was asked to place in the forest west of the town towards the water. I soon received clear directives from my “parents” that the task was to densify the city and not to expand it. Despite this they accepted the water zone I created with the motivation that a city near the coast should have a water zone. The zones in Ängelholm that was my first real zones (given the zones in the Netherlands have not yet been taken) are:


When my “parents” accepted my changes I was approved as a zonemaker! My first real assignment was the calm and relaxed region of Västmanland, feels great with a easy start!

So what now?

I will not write anything in this blog about my work in my regions of responsibility, some things should stay behind closed doors, but I will probably write some other posts regarding my work as a zonemaker sometime in the future. I thought it could be interesting for the normal players to read a blog from a active zonemaker, probably my “parents” (yes I still call them that) will give me some inputs of what is okay to write or not also but I belive that my own judgement is fine.