Turf ?

What is Turf?

Turf is a real life game for smartphones developed by the Swedish company Andrimon. Most of the players and zones is found in Sweden but it is spreading across the world. By taking zones you get points to compete with or just taking zones to rule the area.

Homepage: http://turfgame.com/info

How do I play?

Turf is an mobile application that can be installed on either your Android or iOS device. With this application running on your smartphone and the GPS activated you bring your device to on of the yellow (no owner) or red (someone else´s zone) zones in the map shown in the application. When you have reached the zone you will see a staple slowly become green and when it have reached it´s maximum the zone is yours and will turn green. By taking the zone you get a certain amount of points and by owning it before someone else take it from you, you also will be getting points.

Compete at your level!

To win a round of turf and reaching the global top 3 to take medals take a lot of time and all of us do not feel we have that much time to spend on our turfing. Luckily there are some alternatives for the ones that will play at their own level.

There is a teampage were you can create your own toplist and compete with the friends you add to your team. The rest of the players can see you score but only the administrator of the team can approve new players to the team so you will have full control over your own league.

There is also two leagues were you compete in divisions against other turfers:
Turf League (English language) and Turf Divisions (Swedish language).

Some turfers don´t count there score at all, they are more interested in the amount of unique zones. A unique zone is a zone that you are visiting for the first time ever, you can find your unique zones and much different statics by logging in to Warded.

Happy Turfing!

Any further questions? Please leave a comment.

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